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Jazzism 4.10
March 16, 2017 03:32 PM PDT
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Jazz music has had its share of fads and trends.

Louis Armstrong and his "New Orleans meets Chicago" brand of virtuosity and showmanship drove the music fans wild when he hit the high C on his trumpet.

Duke Ellington had his sophisticated flare and blues based compositional excellence. The swing era had the battle of the Big Bands, Bebop made the most of Diz and his beret, glasses and goatee not to mention Monk and Bird were once the rage.

Miles, Gil Evans & Gerry Mulligan gave us the "birth of the cool", Chet Baker took it over and it became a West Coast drool. The seriousness and intensity of the 60's brought straight laced men in crisp suits playing hard bop - non stop.

It always seems jazz is in search of next, the new direction. Starting in 1968 Miles Davis, capitalizing on the genius of marketing, while at Columbia Records had his labels read "Directions In Music by Miles Davis" printed above the titles of Files de Kilimanjaro, In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew.

So, what is the new direction in Jazz 2017? I don't know... but like James Brown said to Bobby Byrd "...whatever it is it's got to be funky"! Yeah!!


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Branford Marsalis - "I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue" (2003)
Roberta Gambarini - "From This Moment On" (2009)
Geri Allen - "Life Is A Song" (2004)
Greg Osby - "Milton On Ebony" (2003)
Vinx - "Somehow Did You Know" (1991)
Dave Douglas - "Orujo" (2009)
Wayne Shorter - "Infant Eyes" (1965)
Herlin Riley - "New Direction" (2016)
Yellowjackets - "Tenacity" (2011)
Ahmad Jamal - "Autumn Rain" (2012)

Jazzism 3.10
March 01, 2017 02:07 PM PST
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Sunrise, sunset.

The river runs free
between sunrise and sunset
into waterfalls. - Barbara Washington

The new day is GOD's reset button. The hour before midnight is the beginning of the new day's end. All that happens between those two markers is up to us. Good and bad choices, to share or withhold love, do or not do, it is all up to you.

A miracle occurred today, if you missed it not to worry - it happens everyday.

Sunrise, sunset.

Enjoy the mix,

Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Gregory Porter - "Lonesome Lover" (2013)
Joey DeFrancesco featuring George Coleman - "Speak Low" (2007)
Ben Williams - "Black Villain Music" (2015)
Holly Cole - "Manhattan" (2003)
Next Collective - "Africa" (2013)
Horace Tapscott - "Inspiration of Silence" (1995)
The Crusaders - "It Happens Everyday" (1976)
Stefon Harris & Blackout - "The Afterthought" (2009)
Terence Blanchard - "Bounce/Let's Go Off" (2003)
Eric Reed - "Something Beautiful" (2011)

Jazzism 2.10
February 11, 2017 05:24 PM PST
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What lies behind our dreams?

Is it merely our brain, the human computer fragmenting and compressing old file data, as science suggests...or it something telling and meaningful as soothsayers claim?

I want to believe our dreams have importance, but I so often dream in such ridiculous ways I cannot make heads or tails of them. Dreams are nonsensical...but they are sure a lot of fun!I never go to sleep without them.

This much I do know, dreams are a form of release and occasionally a source of inspiration. For instance I dreamed of one day entertaining hundreds (maybe thousands) of "Young Jazz Lovers" with the perfect blend of Jazz music, news and inspiration. Heck, I guess dreams do have a way of coming true - after all I got your attention, didn't I?


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Randy Brecker - "Ile Aye" (2008)
Dizzy Gillespie - "Behind The Moonbeam" (1975)
Kenny Garrett - "Gwoka" (2006)
Kurt Elling - "Higher Vibe" (2003)
Russell Gunn - "Footprints" (2007)
Roy Hargrove - "The Left Side" (1993)
Wynton Marsalis featuring Jennifer Salon - "Love and Broken Hearts" (2007)
Jason Moran - "Jitterbug Waltz" (2014)
Kamasi Washington - "Final Thought" (2015)

Jazzism 1.10
January 20, 2017 01:06 PM PST
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A long time ago in the 40's....Bird was the word, have you heard?

Now there are young cats blowin' and more and more people, yes they will be knowin' - Jazz ain't in the past, this music's gonna last! And as the facts unfold, remember who foretold 2017 will be the year of a Jazz Thing.

(Thanks, Guru - word to the mutha!!!)

Enjoy this inaugural edition of Jazzism (a katzpheno mix) -

Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Ben Powell - "How High The Moon" (2009)
David Murray - "French Kiss For Valerie" (2013)
Esperanza Spalding - "Rest In Pleasure" (2016)
Kurt Rosenwinkel - "Heavenly Bodies" (2012)
Pat Metheny Group - "Have You Heard" (1993)
Herlin Riley - "Connection To Congo Square" (2016)
Marquis Hill featuring Christie Dashiell - "My Foolish Heart" (2016)
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "Mystic Voyage" (1975)
Elijah Jamal Balbed - "What Matters Most" (2015)

Jazzism 13.9
December 03, 2016 04:00 PM PST
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"Have you ever seen some people lose everything first to go is their minds."

I lose it daily...I get lost in music, feel so alive...I quit my 9 to 5!!

"Just give me the melody, that's all I'll ever need - yes I call that salvation." Now...true music lovers will recognize those lyrical references as from a 1979 track from Philly's own Sister Sledge written by Nile Rodgers..."Lost In Music". How does this fit in a Podcast celebrating Jazz culture you may ask? Music is universal and catagories are subject to change but I guess the point is, if you want to get lost...getting lost in music is a good a place as any regardless the genre!


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Jaco Pastorious Big Band - "River People" (2006)
Charlie Hunter Quartet - "Rhythm Music Rides Again" (2001)
Christian Scott - "Lay In Vein" (2005)
Terence Blanchard featuring Diana Krall - "Let's Get Lost" (2005)
Tony Williams - "Sister Cheryl" (1985)
Nicholas Payton - "Let It Ride" (2008)
Joshua Redman featuring Pat Metheny - "The Deserving Many" (1993)
Sting & Herbie Hancock - "Sister Moon" (2005)
Kevin Eubanks & Bill Pierce - "GG" (2010)

Jazzism 12.9
November 12, 2016 06:15 PM PST
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I have gone from I'm with her to I feel for her. I know this program is about Jazz music but Jazz culture does not exist in a vacuum, and neither do I.

This political season (not yet over, can you say electoral college December surprise?)has been one wild circus ride. First there was "Brexit" in Great Britain and the anger and disbelief that followed, and now America got "Trumped" - more anger and disbelief (...maybe it's a white thing so I wouldn't understand). I am truly shocked and like in that Ray Charles song I feel as though "...I been buked and I been scorned!"

Sadness is what I feel most, I truly hoped that Hillary would win and keep the progressive movement that President Obama started in 2008 alive. Alas it was not to be, and to my fellow citizens, the 46% who chose to sit this election out...shame on you.

This episode of Jazzism is a salve for the #imwithher folks, proof that there is a balm in Gilead, listen to this one whenever you feel for her as I do now.

Peace and love,

Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Lizz Wright - "Get Together" (2005)
Aaron Parks - "Afterglow" (2008)
Hiromi - "Warrior" (2014)
Roy Hargrove featuring Slide Hampton - "Salima's Dance" (2006)
Sphere - "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" (1998)
David Murray featuring Gregory Porter - "All About The Children" (2013)
Terence Blanchard - "I'm In The Mood For Love" (2001)
Bobby Hutcherson - "I Wish I Knew" (2007)
Charlie Hunter Quartet featuring Norah Jones - "Day Is Done" (2001)

Jazzism 11.9
October 19, 2016 03:50 PM PDT
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Jazz music truly is the gift that keeps giving.

Every time I listen to a recording of one of my many favorite tunes, regardless how often I indulge, I always hear something new, I feel new emotions connected to that same old feeling. If I am fortunate enough to catch a live performance, as I did recently, the exchange between what's happening on stage and what's happening in the audience can be very moving. It reminds me that the exploration and improvisation, the immediacy of Jazz is a window into the creative process and that process is alive. The audience gives to the artist and the artist gives back, hence the gift that keeps giving. It is like meeting an old friend for the first time, over and over again and again.

In short Jazz music is fabulous!


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Cecil McLorin Salvant - "John Henry" (2013)
Russell Gunn - "New New Blues" (2007)
Steve Khan - "Chronology" (2011)
Eddie Palmieri - "Habriendo el Dominate" (1997)
Billy Cobham & Asere - "Destinos" (2008)
Marcus Miller featuring Gretchen Parlato & Ruben Blades - "Setembro" (2012)
Harold Lopez-Nussa - "D' Una Fabula" (2016)
Kurt Elling featuring Ernie Watts - "Autumn Serenade" (2009)
David Sanchez - "Cultural Survival" (2008)