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Jazzism 20.7
December 04, 2014 07:18 PM PST
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noun: a basic, essential, or enduring part (as of an individual, a class, or an entity)

the essential meaning or gist

the inmost or most intimate part

I love music (...ya think).

Music is the very thing that makes my life brighter. I appreciate all musical art forms and the talent and passion musicians bring to their craft but, the most enduring music for me is and always will be Jazz. That is why I do what I do to promote and celebrate Jazz culture.

I believe Jazz is integral to the American experience, in particular to the African - American experience. In that sense Jazz is as American as Sweet Potato Pie. Now Apple may be more popular but Sweet Potato is one of a kind and it is ours!

Jazz like all things essential (air, water, food, shelter) is universal, and as a result must be freely shared. The purveyors of this art form understood this instinctively and did so right from the start. No surprise Jazz bands represented the first commercially integrated music produced in the United States.

This makes Jazz music the most democratic musical art form mankind has been gifted to create. As we say "Jazz born in America, loved worldwide". Here once again my friends is my humble little offering to this music we so lovingly call Jazz.

"If music by the food of love, play on." - Shakespeare (from Twelfth Night)

Enjoy this one to the core,

Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Tyrone Jackson - "African Inspiration" (2009)
The Cookers -"The Core"
Chantale Gagne - "Wisdom of The Water" (2010)
Kevin Eubanks - "Spider Monkey Cafe" (2010)
Tony Williams - "Angel Street" (1988)
Billy Childs featuring Esperanza Spalding - "Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp" (2014)
John Coltrane - "Cousin Mary" (1960)
David Murray - "French Kiss For Valerie" (2013)
Vinx - "Lap Dance" (2000)

Jazzism 19.7
October 07, 2014 04:34 PM PDT
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Good Conversation
Good Food
Good Spirits
and Music!

I could go on and on but y'
all get the gist, basically my favorite things in life are free. Enjoy this FREE podcast it will become one of your favorite things soon, if it isn't already!


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Ahmad Jamal - "Dynamo" (2008)
Kenny Garrett featuring Jean Norris - "Happy People" (2002)
Charles Fambrough featuring Grover Washington, Jr. - "Lullaby for Shana Bly" (1992)
Christian McBride Trio - "My Favorite Things" (2013)
Cedar Walton - "Naima" (2006)
Gregory Porter - "On My way To Harlem" (2012)
Cannonball Adderley - "Hi Fly" (1975)
Urban Knights - "Onnikah" (2005)
Incognito - "She Wears Black" (1996)

Jazzism 18.7
September 19, 2014 12:15 PM PDT
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"One day I'll fly away..."

The Jazz world just lost another one. Joseph Leslie Sample, known worldwide as Joe Sample passed away September 12th, 2014.

This episode of Jazzism (a katzpheno mix) is dedicated to a musician who helped shape contemporary American music. As a founding member of The Jazz Crusaders (later shortened to simply The Crusaders)Joe brought the soulful Creole groove out of Houston, TX and spread it around the globe. As a studio musician he graced projects from the 1970 until his death and the list of songs he performed on and players he collaborated with reads like a who's who of American popular music.

There will never be another Joe Sample. Enjoy a small snapshot of the man and his music.

The Song Lives On....


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


"Born In Trouble" (1990)
"Strike Two" (1990)
"Last Night at Danceland" - featuring Randy Crawford (2007)
"As Long As It Lasts" (1978)
"Paintings" (1979)
"In All My Wildest Dreams" (1997)
"Carmel" (1979)
"The Pecan Tree" (2002)
"Fever" - featuring Lalah Hathaway (1999)
"Seven Years Of Good Luck" (1989)
"Fly With The Wings of Love" (1978)

Jazzism 17.7
September 06, 2014 02:07 PM PDT
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tenacity (noun): the quality or state of being tenacious

This podcast of mine, this mission to rescue Jazz radio from the blahs has been in effect for over 6 years now. I refuse to quit! That is the state I am in!!

Like I've said before this is about a legacy, about being a cultural gatekeeper. I will keep Jazzism rockin' until the cops come knockin'....and then some!

Hey y'all....It is just getting good!


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Steve Khan - "Blues Connotation" (2011)
Yellowjackets - "Tenacity" (2011)
Luciana Souza - "Daze" (2000)
Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette - "What Is This Thing Called Love" (2000)
Pat Metheny/Dave Holland/Roy Haynes - "Three Flights Up" (1989)
Greg Osby - "Viewer Discretion" (2005)
Miles Davis - "ESP" (1965)
Herbie Hancock featuring Stevie Wonder - "St. Louis Blues" (1998)

Jazzism 15.7
August 17, 2014 02:16 PM PDT
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"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." - Robert Frost

In one word I can sum up everything I love about music: JAZZ

And of course it goes on....


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Hiromi - "Life Goes On" (2014)
The Cookers - "Priestess" (2010)
Idris Muhammad - "By The Red Sea" (1971)
Roy Hargrove - "Alter Ego" (1992)
Dianne Reeves - "I Want You" (2013)
Ramsey Lewis Trio - "Close Your Eyes and Remember" (1999)
David Murray featuring Gregory Porter - "Army of The Faithful" (2013)
Kenny Garrett - "Beyond The Wall" (2006)

Jazzism 14.7
August 03, 2014 04:31 PM PDT
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A Jazz classic composed by Wayne Shorter and indelibly recorded in 1967 while he was a member of one the greatest Jazz groups ever assembled, the Miles Davis Quintet.

On this episode of Jazzism (a katzpheno mix) we offer a recent take on that classic by trumpeter Terence Blanchard as well as a couple other standards or soon to be standards. Of course we do not disappoint the modern crowd either.

What can I tell Jazzism we got it coming from all ends!


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Stefon Harris & Blackout - "The Afterthought" (2009)
Kurt Rosenwinkel - "Mr. Hope" (2012)
Bobby McFerrin - "Ziggurat" (2002)
David Sanchez - "La Maquina" (2001)
Christian Scott - "Like This" (2005)
Kei Akagi - "Virtual Drive By" (1994)
Terence Blanchard - "Footprints" (2003)
Herbie Hancock - "Tell Me A Bedtime Story" (1969)
Jane Monheit & Terence Blanchard - "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" (2001)

Jazzism 16.7
August 25, 2014 10:10 PM PDT
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"Oh Lady be good to me...I'm so awfully misunderstood...oh lady, oh lady be so good to me..."

I live in a city of roughly over 2 million living souls...some more alive than others and yet I feel dead sharing a lonely bed, a sad tale I know....full of Gershwin said won't someone have a little pity....tired of being all alone in this city.

Until fate makes a least I got my love of Jazz to keep me warm. On this episode I feature some Big Band classics and other Jazz standards and some new talent as well.


Brian "Katzpheno" Phoenix


Vijay Iyer Trio - "Galang" (2009)
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - "River People" (2006)
Frank Sinatra featuring Count Basie & His Orchestra - "Come Fly With Me" (1966)
Patti Austin feautring The WDR Big Band - "Lady Be Good" (2006)
Roy Hargrove Big Band - "Roy Allan" (2009)
Kevin Mahogany featuring Frank Mantooth & His Orchestra - "Three Little Words" (2005)
Cecile McLorin Salvant - "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" (2013)
James Farm - "1981" (2012)
John Blake - "At Home" (1992)